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Our Mission

Using a strength-based approach, Jeunesse Loyola inspires belonging and growth in the youth of NDG, their families and their communities through social, recreational, and educational programming, delivered in a safe and inclusive environment.


Starting in the early 1970s as a grassroots organization, the Loyola Association for the Development for Youth was formalized in 1998 as a charitable nonprofit organization with a primary focus on children

(4-17) of the surrounding community. The Association consisted of volunteer parents and community members who reflected the common shared goals and aspirations of providing quality programs.

We have always aspired to provide programs that empower participants through the development of skills such as cooperation, leadership, independent thinking, and healthy interpersonal relationships with others. Over the years Jeunesse Loyola has offered sports and recreational services, and has played an integral role in the continued positive development of our community. Working with different local partners, Jeunesse Loyola seeks to ensure a good quality of life and access to resources

for its members, their families, and the community at large.

Today, Jeunesse Loyola takes a strengths-based approach in its social, recreational and educational programming – delivered in a safe and inclusive environment – to inspire belonging and growth in the youth of NDG, their families, and their communities. In the spirit of accessibility, all of our programs are entirely free.

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